Acitrezza, A trizza (Eng)

Many are the places frequented by young people on weekends but also on weekdays, and many are also the typical products of the Sicilian tradition. In this section we want to introduce you to the most loved and known ones, furthermore we want to explore with you the reasons behind these phenomena …

Today’s protagonist: “A ‘Trizza”

The ancient and remarkable tradition of the Acitrezza’s fishing centre is especially famous for its landscape. Overlooking the Ionian Sea, is about 9 km from Catania and especially in summer it becomes the ideal place for tourists and locals alike. This place was born as a seaport of the principality of Riggio and became the centre of the local commercial life with numerous warehouses which contain oil, iron, cold cuts and cheeses. In the early eighteenth century it had about 150 inhabitants. After the abolition of feudalism, Trezza was separated, with Ficarazzi, from Aci Sant’Antonio to be merged in Aci Castello on the 15th September 1828. The view of Aci Trezza is dominated by the stacks of the Cyclops: eight picturesque basaltic rocks, according to the legend, thrown at Ulysses by Polyphemus when he was blinded. The large boulders thrown against Ulysses’ ship generated the Faraglioni.

The small archipelago, consisting of the island Lachea, three Faraglioni and five rocks comes from a primordial submarine activity of Etna dating from about 500,000 years ago. The next of the backdrop lifting brought out the current Faraglioni.

It was the place where Giovanni Verga set his famous novel I Malavoglia (1881) and in which, in 1948, was filmed the Luchino Visconti and Antonio Pietrangeli’s “La terra trema”, a masterpiece of neo-realism achieved with non-professional actors inhabitants of place. Not far from the Church of the Patron, according to certain descriptive elements provided by Verga in Malavoglia, it was identified the “home of the medlar” (the home of Padron ‘Ntoni) in which was a small museum containing objects of maritime tradition and a photographic section dedicated to Luchino Visconti film.

The scent of the sea, the environment that seems almost surreal and wonderful places where you can have a chat between friends make Acitrezza favorite of many children and young couples. There are families with children who enjoy a moment of peace in this heavenly place too. When temperatures begin to increase that to ‘Trizza begins to fill with people. Some people attend this place during the day, deciding to take a bath in the blue sea and to admire the rocks, those who still preferes a good lunch or dinner with some fish dishes in one of the many restaurants on the waterfront and who goes for a walk and to enjoy an ice cream in the moonlight. Whatever the intentions are, one thing is certain: a Trizza never disappoints.

It’s easy to get there and already feel the smell of the sea, the sound of waves and a warm and special atmosphere. Acitrezza does not take too much to make feel good. The right group and the rest is done by the magic place. The Restaurants and Taverns Acitrezza offer dishes based on freshly caught fish. Just remember the pasta with sea urchins, oysters and more. Among the delights you can enjoy while you admire the landscape also the granita, which had its beginnings in these places, born from the Etna snow mixed with citrus, salt and sugar.

Written by Grazia Milazzo

Photos by Francesco Pellegrino

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