Area attrezzata Marineo-Cozzarelli – ENG

Good morning, all Vivict’s friends!
Are you ready for the weekend?
The today’s destination is the Marineo-Cozzarelli equipped area which can be reached by taking the road to Vizzini from the town of Granmichele. It is a forest demanium located about at 400 metres above the sea level where you can breath the inebriating eucalyptus’ scent, that, together with Aleppo pine, represents the most wisespead vegetation of the area.
This equipped area has two toilets, 30 tables, 8 cooking areas for a total of 300 seats, a car park and some drinking water points.
In this place mountain bikers can unleash their own passion. There is also a bowling alley, a nature trail and a children’s play area. But there is more! Mount Marineo is known for the presence of rock caves with prehistoric graffiti! So you just have to go there!
0933- 58374 is Caltagirone’s telephone contact for anyone who needs more information.
I greet you and wish you a wonderful day!

Written by Giulia Salamone
Translated by Marta M. Praticò

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