Il Castello di Nelson – The Nelson Castle

Today I will bring all of you in Bronte and Maniace, exactly where is placed the Nelson Castle.

The Castle, actually, was built in 1173 as an abbey by the will of the Queen Margherita, so it would be more exact to call it Abbazia di Santa Maria di Maniace”(Abbey of Santa Maria di Maniace).

As it was customary at the time the abbey was later fitted with a castle. Just a little part of the structure is left today, a portion of the bricked walls and the mediaeval towers since some of the chambers have been adapted to rooms or warehouses for agriculture.

What is better preserved is a great English park that stretches for five thousand square meters and hosts a labyrinth, an ancient magnolia and a small cemetery in which is a small Celtic cross made by lava stone that indicates the burial of the Scottish poet William Sharp.

Nowadays the castle is a museum, so it is possible to visit it from 9: 00-13: 30/14: 30-18: 30.

There is an entrance fee.

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Written by Giulia Salamone

Translated by Marta M. Praticò

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