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Many are the places frequented by young people on weekends but also on weekdays, and many are also the typical products of the Sicilian tradition. In this section we want to introduce you to the most loved and known ones, furthermore we want to explore with you the reasons behind these phenomena …
Today’s protagonist: “Letojanni”
The people of Catania on vacation are always constantly looking for something new, such as unique and relaxing landscapes beaches where one can spend some hours in the name of fun and tranquility. There are those who decide, for work or for other needs, not to get away from the coast of Catania and then choose one of the many beaches that exist between plaja and Ognina. But there are those who opt for more distant places.
One of these is Letojanni, a small town in the province of Messina. The seaside town is part of the tourist district of Taormina and is located at the center of a wide bay between the headlands of Sant’Alessio and Sant’Andrea, 5 meters above sea level, in the Ionian side of the Peloritani mountains. Well supplied with hotels, guest houses and residences, offers – thanks to the mite climate – a pleasant place in which to stay in all seasons.
Its geographical location and the road and rail links, allowing to enrich the holidays with cultural and natural features. They are also very short times and distances to other resorts such as Taormina, Forza d’Agrò, Savoca, Castelmola and Giardini Naxos. In the evening, then, if one does not want to go far away, can stay in the country for a walk on the waterfront, eat a pizza in one of the many pizzerias, relish the fresh seafood restaurants, an ice cream in one of the many bars and present enjoy the fresh air in one of the busiest squares in town, Piazza Cagli and Piazza Durante.
If you’re looking fora combination of tranquility and fun, Letojanni is the place. Armed with cool boxes, umbrellas and games for the little ones you can leave for an unforgettable day. The simplicity of the beaches is enriched with numerous beaches that provide services for young and old: the water aerobics group dances and much more. The sea, the beautiful and clear, is the setting for a breathtaking landscape.
Only thing a bit ‘worried about is the traffic on the street and for the country. But we know well that this is not enough to scare the folks from Catania!
Written by Grazia Milazzo
Photos by Grazia Milazzo

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