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The doors have always had a central role in the history of Sicily, an island which represents a crossroads of cultures and is a symbol of ancient architectures. Obtained within the walls of forts and bastions, these openings have formed for a long time the only access routes to the Sicilian cities, often victim of assaults.

The Porta Trapani (“Trapani gate”) is located in the town of Erice and it is the monument toward which we devote the appointment this week.

It was made in the Elimo-Punic walls (727 meters over the sea level) with stone blocks of various sizes, the Porta Trapani owes its name because it is oriented in the direction of the city of Trapani and is one of three main doors located around the old town.

The others are Porta del Carmine and Porta Spada. The walls seem to have been made the fourth century BC by the Phoenicians, but the parts that have been preserved to this day are clearly made by the Romans and Normans. A legend attributes the construction of the walls to the Cyclops.

The Porta Trapani should instead be created during the twelfth century and it have been rebuilt during the Middle Ages. Today, those who want to head towards Porta Trapani outside of the city center can do so while enjoying the beautiful cable car that connects the cities of Erice and Trapani.

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Written by Salvatore Rocca

Translated by Marta M. Praticò

Photo: www.itineraridelgustotrapani.it

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