The Boardfront of Ognina (Eng)

Many are the places frequented by young people on weekends but also on weekdays, and many are also the typical products of the Sicilian tradition. In this section we want to introduce you to the most loved and known ones, furthermore we want to explore with you the reasons behind these phenomena …
Today’s protagonist:

“The Boardfront of Ognina”

It is the center of the city, the waterfront of Ognina is always a great place to spend leisurely afternoons strolling with good company. Ancient sparsely populated fishing village, originally called “Lognina” Today is a calm and relaxing setting, surrounded by the noise of the waves and the sun’s rays.

It is one of the most beloved places to locals for the beautiful view not only. Here, where the gaze is lost among the rocks, Sicilians and tourists can spend some days in peace. Whether winter or summer the waterfront is perfectly suited to the task. During warmer months, the promenade is definitely more crowded and popular. During the day, in fact, people go to the sea and sunbathing while in the evening they stroll in the moonlight. But even during the coldest months of the boardfront it is loved. Families go there for a walk or to bring the kids.

The Ognina waterfront overlooking the Gulf of Catania and meets piazza Europa. Along the way, there are some areas close to water: the most important is the historic village of San Giovanni Li Cuti. In mid-way there is Square Neptune, and then the historian Ulysses harbor and the small Church of Santa Maria of Ognina.

With its charming landscape, the waterfront offers at any hour of the day unique sensations. Whatever is the reason, a coffee with friends or a romantic ice cream in two, the seafront in Catania becomes the favourite destination for many. In Ognina beside walking, everyone can practice some healthy sports. There is a basketball court where young and no can play early in the afternoon.

And it is just sports fans that mostly attend this particular place in Catania, written up especially after the birth of the “Lungomare Liberato”(Freed Boardfront). Initiative that allowed the closure of the entire area during the Sunday, the “Lungomare Liberato” in a short time has been appreciated by many. In the hours of closure to traffic there are people of all ages, from the younger with bike or scooter up to the elderly.

Everything is made available to athletes of all kinds, cyclists, skaters and small ready to run and enjoy a bit ‘of healthy fresh air. The closure to traffic of 2.5 kilometers of waterfront, from Europe Square to Piazza Mancini Battaglia has been particularly successful. A way for citizens to regain possession of their city and the many tourists not to forget our Catania.

Written by Grazia Milazzo

Photo by Roberto Battaglia and Ana Duque

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