The Donnafugata Castle

Good morning to all Vivi Catania’s friends. Today we talk about the Donnafugata Castle in Ragusa.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that this is not a real castle but a noble residence that dates back to the XIX century although it was subject to change throughout the XX century. For this reason, this is a three-flats structure characterised by a junction of styles.

The central loggia has a Venetian Gothic style and the towers, instead, date back to the late Renaissance period.

Inside the castle, there are 122 rooms including: the Room of the Coat of Arms (Stanza degli Stemmi) that preserves the paintings of some Sicilian family symbols, the Mirror Room (Stanza degli Specchi), the Billiard and Music Room (Sala del Biliardo e della musica), The Ladies Room and the Fumoir (Stanza delle Signore e il Fumoir) made up of decors that remind the Pipe functions.

Outside the manor is surrounded by eight hectares of park which houses several places related to activities of that time such as the Coffee House, artificial caves with fake stalactites and a stone labyrinth.

The Donnafugata castle can be visited!

Written by Giulia Salamone

Translated by Marta M. Praticò

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