The Historic City Centre (Eng)

Many are the places frequented by young people on weekends but also on weekdays, and many are also the typical products of the Sicilian tradition. In this section we want to introduce you to the most loved and known ones, furthermore we want to explore with you the reasons behind these phenomena …
Today’s protagonist:
“The Centre” (Teatro Massimo and neighborhood)
Catania with a thousand faces, Catania of many spells …
The Catania we love is vital, unique and cheerful and above all during the night. Indeed, the so-called “movida of Catania” is one of the most intense of the entire nation.
Catania is known for being one of the most vibrant Italian city. Full of trendy bars and places where they play live music, the town of Etna offers its citizens and tourists a lot of fun.
Crowded and maybe sometimes a little chaotic and disorderly is the Catania night but it certainly is not for sleep! The folks of Catania love to be late on the weekend and beyond. They love to spend their free time with friends to have a chat, and since the 21 of the evening flock to the pubs of the city centre, the area adjacent to the Teatro Massimo Bellini, the one that everyone is used to call “the centre.” It is ‘right there that since Wednesday evening the young people between 18 and 30 years go.
The night-life activities can begin!! And it starts right from the pubs, restaurants, trattorias and wine bars. Especially during the evenings of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday the Teatro Massimo Square is crowded with young people that unfold in different clubs and pubs where you can chat with a cocktail.
The area of town where the night-life is more active is that of small streets between Piazza Duomo, Piazza Università and Piazza Teatro Massimo. The area next to the Teatro Massimo Bellini and Via Etnea are the centre of Catania, and year after year the city discovers new areas of the old town that are improving with time. Right here are the many clubs, pubs and places to eat, all very busy and immersed in the splendid baroque frame. The locals seem divided by type, there are the most alternative, the most “fashionable” and the great classics. In short, there is something for everyone!
The city centre is filled up with people on Wednesday evening as well as on Friday and Saturday, in piazza Teatro Massimo, none can say that there is little. There are many generations, from the youngest children to university and even to workers. It is definitely fun in a different way but the most loved places are the coolest ones.
The night of Catania has something magical even for the simple fact that all of a sudden the big square and the surrounding streets are crowded at the Teatro Bellini and come to life. And as it happens every night, the Catania’s scene leaves something to those who live it: positive feelings and joy. With each new season there is also a novelty, new pubs open and the historical and known ones renew themselves, giving to the “City of Night” even more energy and vitality.
Written by Grazia Milazzo
Photos by Francesco Pellegrino

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